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Rivoka-Syndrome:Chase Huang by leRedbird Rivoka-Syndrome:Chase Huang by leRedbird
yeah so,one of my old rp buddies :iconminarui: one of the admins in the group  :iconrivoka-syndrome: it looked pretty cool so i decided it might be fun to join :v *rolls back to all the other work she should be doing*

set out to create a super colourfull character, think i succeeded

Name: Huang,Chase


Age: 17


Height/weight: 5'1/122lbs

Division: Hitman ( because hey,they seem like pretty cool dudes)


:star: Quick thinker

:star: Quiet

:star:Quick tempered

:star: Withdrawn

:star: Violent


:star: Art

:star: Animals

:star: His phone

:star:Bright colours


:star: Loud people

:star: bugs

:star: people who complain about everything

:star:The cold

History:The son of a american buisness woman and a hard working  japanese manga artist  ,due to his mother being out of the country most the time on buisness he was mainly raised by his dad which lead to the the two being rather close.As he got older Chase started to want to be able to draw just like his dad,admiring him for his skills and asking him to teach him how to draw.Glad that his son was taking after him his father agreed,leading to the two spending almost all there free time together wheither it was teaching chase to draw or chase watching his dad draw manga pages.However ,when he turned 10 his mum and dad got divorced,leading to his dad and him being kicked out  of there home and onto the streets,They only spent about 1 week homeless before his dad was able to get in contact with a freind and get a small apartment in a more run down part of town,which was better than nothing his dad had said.Things went back to normal for a while,chase still went to the same school,hung out with the same friends and still drew with his dad in his spare time.But it became more apparent as time went on that his dad was having trouble paying for there apartment and soon chase found his father quitting his job as a manga artist and becoming a truck driver.

Because of this his dad was hardly ever around leaving chase almost completly alone,his father only coming home really late and going to bed straight after.He started deeply resenting his mother and blaming the everything that had happened on her an hating her for brushing him and his dad aside.He started seeking out others who he felt where just like him and ended up getting involved with a rather troubled bunch of older kids who where part of a gang called the 'red strips'.There was where he truely felt at home,even if being apart of there group ment he had to hurt others at the time it didnt matter to him,his gang where like brothers to him and if protecting his brothers ment he had to hit other gangs with metal pipes he was prepared to.His father was to tierd to ask what he was doing all day,it was only after chase was kicked out of school for skipping school multiple times to hang out with his 'bro's' that his father started getting involved,telling chase he really shouldnt really be hanging out his people like those in red strips to which chase replied to saying his dad didnt know anything and stormed out the house.

It was about a week before the bomb was dropped that chased used some money that him and the gang had gotten in a bet with a different gang to get his phone,using it to play video games on and look on the internet,something he hadnt been able to do for the longest of times.But then came the fatefull day when the bomb was dropped,chase was sitting in the park on his phone waiting for the rest of his gang to show up,it had actually been a rather nice day,the sun was out and bird where singing and he could see small kids playing on the swing and slide in the play ground a little way away from where he was,But then sounded a large bang and almost in an instant everything went black,Then the question appeared to chase and he clicked yes,afraid to die in whatever had just happened.


-He doesnt particulary lke talking to people he doesnt know to well but will if the situation calls for it

-Despite his dad quiting his job as a manga artist chase still loves to art,even designing his gangs logo

-Because of what happened between him and his mum chase doesnt really like girls all that much


Shrio-nii Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
uhaaa-- he is cuteee--//shotshot// good luck on joining~! ;v; / 
leRedbird Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist
thanks ,i will try my best
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